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Thread: Beginner User and New to 3D Modeling

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    Default Beginner User and New to 3D Modeling

    I have been using the CNC for about a year now. Playing around with some simple signs. I'm interested in getting into doing some 3D modeling now. I have started off with free files from Design & Make. I've watched lots of their YouTube videos but one thing is still confusing me. I have the basic Retro Sign image. I've included a screen shot of the shape and base height. I'm not wrapping my mind around what these really are. So here are my two questions...

    1) Is the base height what I can expect the thickness of the flat panel portion of this image?
    2) With the settings I have... what should my start and cut depth be for my profile toolpath?

    Any help would be great.

    retro sign in vcarve.jpg

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    shape height is how tall your 3-d component is; the more shape generally means more detail.
    base height is how high you would raise it about the base.
    in this example the bull dog is .8 of an inch in shape, but i wanted to raise it up an inch.

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