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Thread: What is the right - best bit ?????

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    Thanks for info. I actually bounced back to Garyb's post on page one. Thought it was crazy, but just ran a sample of MDF at his settings (9.1ips, 14,400 rpm, .375 compression bit). Damn! I had no idea my machine could pull that off! Really shows the finesse of ramping values - swift, but graceful, not the reckless action I was imagining. Guess I've been stuck in newbie chicken mode for years here. This changes everything - thank you all for posting - It's been enlightening!

    (I apologize for hijacking, Dave B!)

    I love my shopbot!!!


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    Hey Jeff,
    I struggled with 1/4" bits for 18 months until I attended the Cabinet Class. I was stunned my standard could profile cut that fast and clean. BTW, Ryan suggested a 4" ramps.
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