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    Wow, I just came back from Shop Bot's training with CJ and the staff, it was amazing! I have been using VCarve Pro and Aspire for a few years on other CNC machines but, I learned so much more from CJ than any other company ever showed me. In my opinion Shop Bot has the best training program with onsite, camps, videos, and support, (Big shout out to Aaron).

    I also had the opportunity to interface with the management team and they function with true professionalism and are all about the customer. As a former executive from an aerospace company, I know true professionals, and Shop Bot has some of the best. We were all about the customer and ShopBot is one of the few in my opinion that can match up.

    I purchased a Shop Bot based on a lot of research and I have to say, the company delivers!

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    I visited the Shopbot plant about 10 years ago. At the same time I visited Vision. The trip was a decision making trip. I picked the Vision router/engraver because it could route and engrave. Turned out that we did very little engraving and our routing was limited by the small table size - 2 by 4. After 3 years I sold the Vision and bought the Shopbot PRS 4 by 8 and I love it. Even years later the Shopbot staff are very helpful when I call with a question or problem. Great people, Great router. I have watched most of TJs video and continue to learn a lot. Only regret is that I wish I had bought a 5 by 8 table for our sign making business.

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    Going to be a LOT easier now that you've used the Desktop!
    We bought the Desktop sight unseen after a several month search,and the willingness from Shopbot to mod machines for our needs.
    Sold on the company, and Desktop was better than expected, so we bought another with the same setup 3 months later
    Second machine came with a wheelchair adapted MakerCrate, TJ and Bill made without me even asking, and no additional cost besides the MakerCrate itself
    Hope to see you at TJ's online classes...the taped versions are great, but the online Q&A sessions before and afterwards and seeing other people's projects is almost as good as giving TJ a hard time!!
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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