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Thread: Am I over-complicating 2-sided machining?

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    Default Am I over-complicating 2-sided machining?

    So I've been working with ShopBot for almost a year now, on a PRSAlpha 96x60 ATC. In the last 6 months or so I've been doing a lot more design work for my company, trying to fix or update old files and alternatively improve old systems or prototype new ones.
    I want to be able to consolidate our current 3D stool top process into one 2-sided process. I made up the first CAM file (in Fusion) to pocket the 6 X-shapes arrayed down the length of 96 x 60 x 1-5/16 material. The next file runs the 3D stool top process and and then profiles them.
    I'm pretty confident in the files, but after all the reading I've done on the forum I'm less confident than I was about just flipping the material and re-aligning it to the X-axis edge of the spoilboard.
    The process we use now is not highly accurate, so I do wonder if I am getting over-concerned with accuracy when I have no need to be.
    Any help or suggestions would be most welcome!
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