Shopbot Desktop: It has a slotted Aluminum bed with Spoil board attached. The table is 24"x18" with a 5.5" cutting height. Vacuum attachment and cover brush head. It is powered by a 1 Hp 110 Spindle and has variable speed control. It is just under 4 years old and was not in constant use. Used to complete a few projects or Christmas gifts. I purchased it to develop rough outs for relief woodcarving, but find the amount of time to create the Aspire pattern could just as easily be spent doing it by hand. Plus I wouldn’t have the stigma of machine done (Not meant to offend anyone). Here is my wood carving web page to show why I don’t need this machine ( Here is everything that is included:

Shopbot Desktop 2014
Collets additional sets for different diameter burs
Starter set CNC burs, plus some extras
Plus: Digitizing Probe attachment (
Basic Windows 7 Toshiba laptop Shopbot Software installed

Here is the info Shopbot offers for the style of machine I have:

$6,000. for local pickup Will deliver within 8 hr drive of Greenville, NC. For $400. F5179F23-6F28-4C45-88AD-2669D39D1630.jpg