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Thread: Planning a vacuum fixture and need help for vacuum source.

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    A ridged flat fixture is ideal, aluminum or I use corian because I have it in stock. Use a compressible oring that will pull perfectly flat to the fixture with the vacuum on. If your oring stays proud even 1/4 aluminum can bow down in the center. An oilless vacuum pump in good condition with a good fixture will pull 25 inches of mercury give or take a little and should hold your part just fine. If the part does move line the bottom of your fixture with some adhesive backed 120 grit sand paper and that will hold it.

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    Here's a couple links for the right type of pump:
    Google vacuum pods and you will see tons of commercial examples of fixtures used. A great way to make your own is out of corian, although plenty have used hardwood.
    I got a Vacupress many years ago that works in combination with my compressor and it still works fine. It has a choice between holding whatever pressure you set or constant on. Unlike the pumps used for full sheet holddown, you are pulling low volume of air but high pressure.

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    Thanks for the info guys Bob has offered to sell me a pump I think is going to work very good for this project I will follow up with some pictures and a video using the fixture when I get it built.
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