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    Default quit black box design.

    I was debating on buying two whole house vacuums that would give me the same performance as a black box I could build because they are quiet. But t about 2000.00 it is an expensive option. I had 8 hours of cutting some wood so I figured I would see if I can improve my black box design and make it 4 motors.
    So I made every air intake and output baffled. The air output is a big noise source so it has a long run with lots of acoustic foam. Not sure if the foam helps but it was only 12.00 so why not? The motor top fans are really noisy but they donít move a huge amount of air so they have a u channel baffle. And just to make sure the the air that comes from those fans get a round filter that worked well for the motor direct output on my last setup.
    I used two switches to choose what motors run and a long ranger to turn them on and off. Each motor has check valve so if one motor stops when the brushes wear then I wonít loose as much vacuum like I used too.
    With the lid off it is about 93 dbís with it on it is approx 78 or so. About 82 with all four motors running.
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