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PVC doesn't need sealing. For your own personal test, throw your scraps outside to and leave them for a few years. You will notice a slight color change to off white. Not enough to color shift to worry about. This material doesn't need priming. You should scuff smooth surfaces with sandpaper. Carved area's are ready with any good exterior paint.C

Proper adhesive is advisable. That would be the "CLEAR PVC" Gorilla glue. I would suggest staying away from plumbing products. Any adhesive with a strong smell should be avoided. Those glue's have a quick flash point and set up too fast. What you want is a slow setup which allows for deep adhesion. With Gorilla PVC you have a few minutes minutes to match up your materials. I'd suggest about five minutes.

Thanks Joe for all your knowledge on this subject matter. I wish i lived close to your shop for a visit, beautiful work. Thanks JERRY