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Thread: Artcam lives!!!

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    Does anyone know what the policy for skipped updates will be? For example - if a "hobby user" skips 5 years then pays for a year of maintenance will that bring him current? That's how Vectric does it - but I am curious what CarveCo's policy will be?


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    Gerald, I believe you are a little confused as to what maintenance is and covers. What you're really referring to in your above post is upgrades, whereby you may skip a couple of years then upgrade to the latest version with a one lump sum cost for that upgrade version.
    Maintenance is a yearly contract cost, which includes all upgrades, support etc , you only do one or the other not both.

    If the answers to your questions are not included in Carveco's website, then i would recommend you email them direct so as to avoid speculative answers.
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