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Thread: Colombo spindle with delta vfd not shutting off after cut

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    Default Colombo spindle with delta vfd not shutting off after cut

    I have issues with the spindles shutting off after it is done cutting a file. I have 2 Colombo spindles with delta vfds. I pushed the mode button on the spindle and it goes to a different number that is almost like a countdown from the rpm I had it set at to run. It will eventually shutdown after about 10 minutes or so when the so called countdown from let's say 10000 is nearing 0. When the number is down to around 500 or so I believe I can stop the spindle with my hand I just dont really want to grab a hold of it for certain reasons. This does not happen everytime though. Sometimes it shuts down normally. Any help would be great

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    Make sure your parameters on the VFD are set correctly. Have a look here on page 47 of the PRT Assembly Manual and here in the VFD-B manual.

    Download each and file them away for the future.
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