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Thread: New motors for old PRT

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    Default New motors for old PRT

    I have an older PRT and I am interested in getting some newer motors. Any suggestions to which Vexta motors to look for?

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    Unless you want to upgrade your control box to an Alpha you have 2 choices.
    Get some new ones like the ones you have (and unless they have an issue there is no reason)
    or do a 1:1 motor (no internal gearing) with an external gearbox. I can tell you that although option 2
    means either having someone like Gary C make you some gearboxes or building your own to your own or someone else's design,
    when you are done you will have improved your cutting power and resolution in spades.
    Search the forum with "gearbox" and you will have some interesting reading.

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    What model motors and control box do you have

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