Hello All,
I am working on building an indexer for my PRS Alpha BT48.
As a first step I bought a used Vexta ASD30A-A, the same driver in my shopbot currently. I understand that Shopbot loads a custom firmware on the ASD30A-A that they use. My understanding was that the custom firmware changed the step resolution only.
The issue I am having is I swapped in my used ASD30A-A for the Z-axis just to confirm it was operating correctly, but I am getting no motor movement. I am also getting no alarm light. The control software thinks it is moving the Z axis when I test it, but since there is no alarm it doesn't know there is a problem.
What I am trying to determine is if the driver I bought is bad, which is very possible, or if the changes Shopbot makes to the drivers they use make it no longer a direct replacement. I have the dip switches set the same as the OEM drivers.

Any ideas would be helpful. I would also be willing to pay Shopbot to reflash my used driver with their firmware, but I want to determine if this driver is good, or bad first.

Thank in advance,