Well… I’ve made a decision!

Thank you everyone for your input!

I tried to convince myself that https://www.truetracsaw.com/ would work with my existing circle saw… until I measured the runout of saws arbor… the past few decades haven’t been kind to it! Plus, the shoe no longer resembled flat after a few trips off roofs. A new saw would be required…

Other desirable things I would loose using a framing circle saw:
1. dust collection
2. No guarantee that a new framing circle saw will have better runout than my worn out one…
3. Lack of a fully enclosed blade.
4. A circle saw doesn’t have a riving knife
5. A nice case for all the components
6. Loss of easy, reliable depth control.

Another consideration is that my preteen and early teen grandsons are very interested in what I do… the safer I can make my shop, the better!

In the end I decided that the High cost of the Festool TS-75 was actually reasonable for the well thought out design and engineering.