I know this isn’t strictly ShopBot related, but I want to ask woodworkers who have many things in common with me for a track saw recommendation…

I’m getting to the age where I don’t enjoy wrestling a large slab across my table saw and am wondering if taking the saw to the slab isn’t the wiser solution!

Many of my slabs are 8/4 thick, this eliminates many brands as they are designed for cutting sheet stock up to ¾” thick. Some brands that will cut 2+” thick are reported in reviews to not have enough power to cut ¾” hardwoods!

I don’t think I want a cordless model… How a manufacture can “brag” that their cordless (battery) version “can cut 18 meters of ½” particle board on one charge”, and sell it is beyond me!

I guess what I’m looking for is a tool and not a toy!

Has anyone out there found a tool that would do what I’m looking for?