ok so im up at 3am this morning watching the video on vcarve pro moulding oolpath so i thought i would give it a go.. so to test i drew up a simple concave design, followed the video and told it in my toolpath setting to use 2 bits. first was a .25 endmill and the second was to be a .125 ballnose.

ran the job and after the clearing bit was done it asked for bit no#2, so i loaded the ballnose (and as soon as i did i thought wait a minute i need to re Z this thing for the bit change - how does that work?) i clicked ok and it asked me to z the bit - ok perfect was hoping for that. so i Z;d the bit and then it said to start the router. so i went to start the router and it wont start .hmmm then i think well i have see this weird behavior before , once i click ok it will start - clicked ok and the gantry moves and proceeds to snap my expensive onsrud bit... ugh!

so at this point it dawns on me - wait did i click the output for the router? i didnt - it didnt tell me to.

so i figure well might as well run it in the air w/o a collet to try to verify. So i jog home, reload the file and start over.. same exact behavior and before clicking ok to start the router after what would be the bit change i try to click on my output for the router - it wont let me click it? So there goes that theory.

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong ? im assuming this works and its likely operator error but i went through the scenario a few times (even took a video) to try to retrace my steps.

any advice is appreciated

oh all this on a prs alpha if it matters