Crazy question - how does one get the normal text toolbar menu to display?

I was setting up to Z zero. Used the SK command to move the car to position. Put the plate down and attached the alligator clip. Went back to the computer to C2 and the menus were gone but replaced with ICONS only. Have NO idea what happened. Have hunted around, looked at the manual, asked someone about it - all with no luck. Surely it's a SB3 issue, not Windows XP because other programs show menus normally.

I can operate using the codes (K, C2, etc) so it hasn't killed production, just unhandy.

Any ideas? PrtAlpha 2006 version, computer Win XP, software 3.46

I can probably reinstall the software but suspect there is a field somewhere. I did find out how to add icons and get text beside the icons but not how to get the get the normal toolbar back.