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Thread: Using the 3D Finishing Toolpath for ROUGHING vs using the 3D Roughing Toolpath

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    Ya Scott,
    I had read that thread yesterday and did a search for the file.... Only found it on AliBaba for $4... I had almost finalized the order when I aborted due to feeling uneasy... either because I have never ordered from them (AliBaba, has anybody?) or not wanting my info at yet another place, esp foreign (maybe folly thinking and a tad paranoid, but prolly not warranted, yet...)
    ShopBot Desktop MAX, spindle, 3" Indexer, Aspire 9.5, and a big learning curve...

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    Hey Carolina,
    I hate like heck to say it,but that particular model you'll either give money to China or Russia
    it was one of the very first models I ever bought, and got it from 27Newstyle on E-Bay for $10, and he did a lot of his own artwork(and by prices still does, but he was 12 pages, and is now ONE), BUT now it's all over the place for $1.50+
    If you Google "Owl in tree 3D model Russian Federation" you'll see the little guy with a guy I hate to deal with because of pricing, BUT DID buy 2 models from him 2 years ago when I was on a critter kick, and never even noticed his price structure, as it was just an E-Bay Day and dropped $120 between 5 people.
    Paid with PayPal.....and didn't get ripped off or seen any effects in over 2 years.

    IF you like the little guy...DON'T have many choices
    VERY detailed and beautiful artwork!! Too bad nobody knows the artist
    Scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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