Congrats on the Full Version Carolina!
Make SURE everytime you see one of the randoms that you like....SAVE it..or if you're like'll never see it again
IF you take the chicken way out and make an Aspire file like I did with VCP.....make sure Home position is somewhere near 0,0 so you don't hard stop when working near your limits.

Like I said..planning to get back into it with 5/4 lumber...and stumbled across this when re-ordering from Drillman1;
NOT in the same price category, BUT made by Oliver in the US, and shipping is Drillman's usual excellent speed of delivery....I bought 2, but haven't used them yet but machining at 10X looks GREAT
Just mentioning.

Also look at G's box clamping system...Gotta make me one of them!

Thanks Scott!
ONE of my MAJOR muck ups when I began was with the 3D avoided it like the plague....maybe time for me to try it again.
I have upper Z limit switch(saved my butt countless times) and pretty sure all Max's and Desktops come with Z limits now?
Took me forever to take your tip on MN, and now I use it almost everytime I cut