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Thread: PRT Alpha 96 w/PartWizard for sale - Colorado

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    Default PRT Alpha 96 w/PartWizard for sale - Colorado

    Hello All,
    Up for sale is a 2005 PRT alpha 96 router that was owned by a friend of mine that recently passed away. He had purchased this set up new from ShopBot (see attached original invoice) in 2005. Full disclosure, i joined this forum just to be able to reach out to folks that would know what this machine is and what have a good idea of what it is worth. The machine is in Colorado, near Denver. If there is any interest at all, let me know and we can talk off forum about the details. I have done some research, so i have at least an idea of what this is worth.
    The fellow that owned it was a toolmaker by trade and a woodworker at home. Very talented. This was to be his retirement plan.
    I'm sure the machine was well taken care of. I can provide pictures if there is any interest. Thank you, and i would appreciate any feedback you may have.

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    Is this still available?
    Thank You
    Brian Heritage

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