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Thread: Lack of activity

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottp55 View Post
    Eugene has had a tough road this year with another surgery/chemo, and then a couple months ago a stroke.
    Speech getting better, and he's been gardening and tractoring.....Gradually getting back in shop to train and strengthen his hand.
    Shopbot is probably the safest tool in the shop right now....BUT he's working HARD at it!!
    I'm not a praying man, but KNOW he if anyone want's to aim prayers at Kentucky, I Know he's appreciate it.
    Thanks for the update on Gene, I'd been missing his posts and updates on his school/shop. He is a great asset to this forum and is missed.
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    Been a busy summer, and a lot of what I am doing is not shop bot related besides a few sign jobs, its chainsaw carving season for me. Do have an arched door and window project coming up made out of chestnut salvaged from old buildings I will post them when I start.

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    I have been out of the game for a while. Sold my Bot about 10 years ago before we moved. The intention was to get another machine when we got settled in our new area. Life happened and am just now about to go pick up a used machine next week. Thanks again Brady for taking time out to give me some guidance. I was torn between a brand new machine from another company and spending more or going with a 10 year old BT32 that should hopefully be turn key. My first machine was a 4x8 PRT. My second machine was a BT48 (I wish I never parted with) and if all goes as planned. I will have a BT32 here next week. I went with the used BT32 because support even on a used machine with SB is great. Also...the two prior machines I had from Shopbot were both reliable. The funny thing is, the used BT32 I'm buying is only costing me about 2k less than the new BT48 I bought in 2008. SB new these days is just out of my budget. If I were to get the same BT48 set up the same way I had back then it would cost me nearly 3 time what I paid. It was a stretch for me back then...two spend 3 time's just not justifiable for a hobby guy. There are other companies that sell kits that I think are filling in alot of the gaps SB used to fill in. I fail to she where Shopbot tech is lagging behind like others have said. There is not much tech that isn't 50 years old on just about any cnc. Linear rails are expensive and finicky. Getting good Chinese knock offs are bit or miss. I personally like the v wheels ruggedness and simplicity and rugged nature.

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    That made me lol for reals. 🤣

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