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    I was recently invited to display some of my crafts at a new BBQ restaurant near my home… they want to feature “local craftsmen”.

    About the same time, I had the first batch of some pecan I harvested, delivered from the kiln… I was given the trees by an elderly rancher’s widow who wanted to be sure that the wood was used for lumber and not firewood! Three men and three days of hard work later, we delivered the boles of two trees to a mill that had equipment large enough to handle them. The mill had recently discovered how lucrative it was to saw reclaimed telephone poles into lumber.

    Long story short, I think the widow lady lost track of how long ago the trees had blown down and the mill took over a year to mill them. The first 400 bd ft I got last week was basically spalted, some beautifully, some useless! I have several thousand bd ft more drying in a barn… I’ll have to decide if it’s ultimately firewood or not!
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