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Thread: Tiny eagles

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    This was basically a test run so the mdf held up well enough. I intentionally cut the recess undersized at first and then snuck up on a good friction fit that let me press the pencils into the pockets.

    There was enough of the end of the pencils exposed that I could pop most of them out with my finger, but occasionally had to pry one up to get it started. This was mostly due to variations in the pencils, though I was surprised how consistent $0.03 pencils for China are!

    All in all it was a good demo and handout. Will be doing more I'm sure.

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    Hey Bill,
    It's a Tiny World!
    Have a tall Texan friend that was at Denver UGM that finally managed to talk you out out of a "Tiny Eagle" pencil.....and then sent it to Me!
    Only the needs some Tiny font added.
    NC/Denver/Texas/to Maine
    GLAD you broke down and gave him one(should have given him TWO so he would have too)!!
    Scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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