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    Default Two display stands coming:(

    HAD an Plan of my work flow for the next week.....WRONG!!

    My Brother's 2 children visited for the first time in 5 years(15 yr old girl, and 10 yr old boy now), and Uncle Scott made the HUGE mistake of letting them pick one wood Piece each ops:
    BOTH are 3D's, and I like to dedicate gifts,add the wood species,sign,date,etc.
    Coulda done it with my normal pen, but NOooo.....Scott wants a stand so I don't ruin the grain on one, and make the other to hang on the boy's wall.

    NOT surprised the 15yr old Girl chose the Big Leaf Maple 5A quilted Heart Stand I made for Dad that I MUCKED up the depth of the stand so the Heart didn't fit, so it was a Reject that was just pretty.

    THEN I told her I thought I'd carve a hole in the center for a Tourmaline crystal....BUT her eye kept straying to a fantasy cut Aquamarine resting in a Birch Burl display stand nearby a friend had cut.
    She got the Aqua

    Think this piece of Black Walnut will be nice if I radius the edge, carve a .05" deep circular pocket for the Maple, and then carve dedication info in the Pocket.
    Maybe some Fluted pockets, or ring dowels if enough room after rounding over.

    Surprised at Nikola's (yes, named after Tesla)choice of the "Ural Squirrel" I did in Cherry.
    Got a couple choices there....but probably a Sugar Maple back with a teardrop cutout for hanging on the wall, maybe find the Boundary vector from that Squirrel, and do VERY shallow pocket.
    Thinking about brass escutcheon pins with the heads snipped off going through the to cut throughs in Squirrel.

    Jury is still out on Niko's....better cut before T-Storms shut me down.

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