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Thread: I should know better

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    Well I cut my first piece this morning and all went well. It's going to be a steeper learning curve from my previous machine however, I'll get there.
    I do have one question regarding the Spindle warmup routine.
    When I run the routine the file comes up as 14 lines and the routine and spindle starts running at line #7 and continues through line #14 with a total run time of ten minutes. During the entire run the spindle maintains the same RPM.
    I thought the routine changed rpm and paused briefly during the run. (Maybe I have been looking at the wrong video)

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    Wrong video, as software doesn't control our VFD...we do
    Hmm....maybe changed the warm up routine?
    C5 in command line, and it used to be 9 minutes as shown in pic.
    That's what we've been doing for 5 yrs...extreme cold(which neither machine really got to...we started at lower rpms).

    I've got an "Egg Timer" app another Desktop friend uses and gave to me....the sound is an Australian Cop Siren....pretty hard to miss
    You can always just watch the Time Elapsed, and increase then.
    Often busy cleaning or getting a cut set up, so start again at rpm I missed....frequently cut at I'll give 300 another 3 minutes.

    Nice thing about the old Desktops was VFD was facing right....You could find the Sweet Spot by watching/listening to the cut without ever KNOWING what your rpm was, and it worrying about what it "Should" be.....THEN change the file for future reference.

    So long as the bit is room temp(or very slightly warm) at the end of the cut,AND it's the finish you're good to go.
    Bit is hot or "screaming" during a cut, lower rpm slowly manually. Jagged and chipped out...increase rpms.
    Once you have that sweet spot, THEN you can increase feed/and speed proportionally upwards while watching the finish of the cut.
    WHEN finish starts degrading..back off about 10% on both...and that's usually where you want to be.

    I'll "Tweak" new bits on Sugar Maple(midpoint in my wood hardnesses), and then I know with a new wood whether to be more, or less aggressive.
    Clear as mud Ron?
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