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Thread: Dual use table

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    Default Dual use table

    Anyone ever had experience with a dual use table? Half cnc with spindle, half with a plasma cutter?

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    Yes. My 1st Shopbot was 5x16 with 5x8 areas for the spindle and plasma grid. Cute idea that doesn't really work so well in real life. I sold off the plasma and converted it to dual gantries with spindles on them.

    CNC hardware is so cheap now it makes no sense to combine the two.
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    What Brady said and

    If your never had or used a plasma table, then you haven't seen the amount of hot metal slag and smoky **** that goes everywhere. It's not a safe thing to have around wood. You could have a water table, but then you're got to deal with the water aspect near all the wood. Either way, it's not a good idea

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