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Thread: 20+ years with ShopBot

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    I'm going on seven years with my SB and I have to say, it has been a life altering experience. I've always been a tinkerer and a fixer and someone with an ingenious project up my sleeve. My problem in the past has been my lack of skill using hand tools. I'm good for about 1/8" accuracy on pretty much anything. Using the SB has changed all that. Now, I can expect to design and build a project that has hundreds of parts that all fit together in an exacting way. I'm working on one now that has over three hundred individually machined components and is four feet by three feet in area. After hundreds of glue joints, the entire thing is still within a 1/16" tolerance. That's pretty amazing to me.

    I dread the eventual downsizing of my lifestyle. At some point, I will have to give up my full size gantry tool and move to a desktop size unit. That will be a sad day for me but someone will get a heck of a good deal on a very well maintained and preserved PRS Alpha.
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    I've had one for 13 years I started out with a PR and upgraded that then I bought a new used PRS standard that I still have. I also have a PRT that I bought for parts I needed a new control board as lighting took mine out and there was a piece meal PRT with a good controller that I picked up to get me by until my parts came in. I am thinking of going with the Acorn controller now as I see that it is supposed to be more robust and no com errors. According to Centroid I have all the parts other then their Acorn control board Gary Campbell showed how smooth and fast it should run.

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