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Thread: Vectric Version 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by tri4sale View Post
    yes, from the website.

    Sad that they discontinued the SB version and are making people fork over a big chunk of change to upgrade... I thought the only difference was the lack of other post processors.
    What is really sad is that those of us who have recently purchased a machine with the software were promised free upgrades for a year were misled, whether intentional or not.

    I am hopeful that SB and Vectric will do the right thing and honor their promise. It sounds like they are working on a solution.

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    so have there been any announcements on this (what I consider) debacle? they do all the announcements and previews of the product then screw up the roll out. Now I don't even have access to upgrade to VCarve Pro 10 my only upgrade is to pay $1400 for aspire from the Shopbot version of VCarve Pro 9.5. you would have thought that someone would have said hey what about all those shopbot users??? while I would love to go to Aspire just can't cough up $1400 bucks...

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    Latest info regarding Shopbot Edition:
    High Definition 3D Laser Scanning Services - Advanced ShopBot CNC Training and Consultation - Vectric Custom Video Training

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