So I finally decided to do something about my guide ways not being as straight as I'd like. I am not entirely sure how much variance there is in overall flatness because I do not have a reference surface to go off of, but between the two x-axis rails I get up to .008" of variance and if I stick an indicator base on only one bearing, and the needle about 3" in front of it and slide it around, I can get up to .010" variance from the one rail alone. I just bought a straight edge that is flat over 24" within .0002" and I will clamp it to the bridge and see how fat each rail is. Once I get some more information i will post it up. I may do this for the Y rails as well, but I am less enthused about touching those. I did a lot of searching on how to inspect the rails online and I think this will be the best way for this machine.