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Thread: 2007 PRS Std 48 x 48 x 8 Eau Claire, WI $4500

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    Default 2007 PRS Std 48 x 48 x 8 Eau Claire, WI $4500

    2007 PRS Std 48 x 48 x 8 cutting area, 3.5 hp porter cable router, Part Wizard software and controller,laptop and dust collector. It has been idle for about 5yrs. Fired it up to see if it still worked, it does. Used it for wood picture frames sold at craft fairs. cell 321 441 0890


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    Hey folks, I have seen this machine in person and can confirm that it would be a nice unit for anyone limited on space and doesn't have the need for the extra length (can index longer items if needed). It's using the SB 4G PC case type controller. It has a 2" taller gantry than standard so you can fit thicker material under it. Future update options would be to add a spindle and possibly a controller update and you'd have a nice little unit for a small investment. It needs a new dust foot, spoilboard, and a little TLC once in a new home.

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