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Thread: Donít ya just hate it when.......

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    Default Donít ya just hate it when.......

    When the machine does what you tell it and youíve told it incorrectly
    Did a roughing cut for project yesterday and thought Iíd get an early start on the finish cut this morning.....Wrong.
    Started my cut and the spindle moved to the far upper right corner of my workpiece. (Should have been a clue)
    Hit the e-stop and rebooted everything. Same issue.
    You know what they say about doing the same thing expecting different results!
    Finally looked at the file and sure enough it went where it was told to.
    My toolpath wasnít set to selected vector. Was set to workpiece boundary

    Another newbie lesson learned....

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    A few days ago, I was working late on a project, at the end of a fourteen hour day and went to do a MB 0 and instead typed in MX 0. I immediately tried to hit the space bar but missed and instead slammed the keyboard hard enough to break it. My beautiful ($8) 3/16" end mill caught the edge of my indexer and broke into a million sharp pieces. I found another keyboard, reset the computer, mounted another end mill, and finished the evening without breaking anything else. First end mill I've broken in four years. Lesson here: Stop working when fatigued. A lesson I will never learn.
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    I have an older Bot and I am also OLD! So a while back I got ready to run the finish pass on a MANTLE and OH YEAH, turn on the SPINDLE DUMMY! See the older machines don't ..... never mind...and the software WARNS you to TURN ON THE SPINDLE ..... but ......Russ
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    Almost always when Tired OR Rushing.
    The best thing about CNC "It always does exactly what you tell it to"....The worst thing is the same!
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    +1 on all the above.
    I had the ZERO PUCK underneath the cutter waiting for me to start the Z-Zero program. Instead, I sent a file to cut.
    Whew boy!
    Our most important shop tool is the pencil sharpener!

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    Default Opps

    Quote Originally Posted by scottp55 View Post
    Almost always when Tired OR Rushing.
    The best thing about CNC "It always does exactly what you tell it to"....The worst thing is the same!
    I could fill this forum with my opps, but they were all rememberd and filed in my brain hard drive. LOL

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