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    I have been shape cutting on my shopbot for some time now. We have finally mastered cutting the materials we use most frequently. I had gone to the forums, Youtube and tutorials to get the info I need to perfect each tool/material setup and use.

    We are now in need to do some fine engraving into Rowmark material. I am completely stumped. I cannot seem to get the fine italics and scroll fonts to cut cleanly and in perspective or the "fatter" fonts to have the pockets cleaned out cleanly. I have tried to use different bits, speeds and toolpaths. But at this point, it is still coming out like ****.

    I have had my greatest luck on the fine engraving using a half-round engraving bit that is a 60deg, .010 flat by 1/8" shank. by reducing the depth, it has certainly cleaned it up, but not to the quality I need. Any advice on how do best select the proper tool, setup the feeds/speeds and toolpath parameters, would be much appreciated. I'm currently trying to cut a 0.5" height scrolling, italics font for an award plaque in Rowmark. It needs to look like it was handwritten into the material.

    I have had my best results on the "fatter" fonts using either a 60 or 90deg vbit. It has been hit or miss for me on getting the pockets cleaned out. I'm sure what I'm trying to get done is basic stuff, but I seem to have a mental block on how to set this up. I'm currently tyring to cut a 1.5" height by 3/16" thick block lettering for an electrical box plaque. the edges seem to be coming in line, but the pocket is a disaster.

    Any help or tricks/tips on engraving with the Shopbot would be hugely helpful. I have attached copies of my mistakes so far. Thank you.
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    What are using for a hold down? First impression is it looks like the material has some movement to it. I use two sided carpet tape when doing name badge type engraving. If its a large piece I make sure the four edges are good and secure and then a strip or two for the rest. Also make sure the base surface is perfectly flat / level so that the depth is consistent end to end, top to bottom. Also play with various fonts, some cut wonderfully, and others well . . . . Russ
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