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    Is there a way in Fusion 360 to set a Home/Start Position as there is in Aspire. When doing multiple copies, it's more efficient to have the router move away from 0,0 so that parts can be easily swapped. In Aspire, this is under Material Setup. I can't find anything in Fusion that will do this.
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    Yes it is possible to define a home position outside the model to be cut. The home position can be a point on the «stock» into which the model will be cut.

    You have two ways (I know of...) of defining your stock. First way is simply by selecting a body from your design and creating a new Setup for it (in the manufacture environment). In the Setup details, the «stock» tab allow you to define how large is your stock *around* the model. Then in the «setup» tab you can select the origin as being a «stock box point» then select the desired point.

    The second way of defining your stock is more work but you can do much more. In the design environment, you have to create bodies for both the model you want to cut AND for the stock. You will want to set the appearance of the stock body to something transparent. Then you move your model-body (bodies) inside your stock-body then go to the manufacture environment, create a new setup, in the stock-tab, select mode:«From Solid» and select the body representing your stock. Then go to the Setup tab in the setup details and in the WCS section select origin=«stock box point» and selecte the desired home position and in the «model» section, select the body correponding to your model. With this you can place your model anyway you want within your stock and you can even put multiple copies of your model inside your stock to create toolpaths for multiple copies at once.

    You might have to play around to get the Z, Y and X axis oriented the way you want but you can do pretty much anything. You could even create multiple setups on the same model with different orientations and prepare two sided carving operations and even 3,4,5 or 6 sides operations if you'd want.

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    Or you could just manually edit the file to have the desired park location when finished.

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