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Thread: Looking for a Shopbotter that can help me get a plasma cutter up and running - PA.

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    Default Looking for a Shopbotter that can help me get a plasma cutter up and running - PA.

    I am an avid Shopbot guy and understand mine well enough to get by with mine just fine using Aspire and the Shopbot Control software.

    I recently purchased a cnc plasma setup that has never been set up. Hoping to find someone that would know enough about this to help me get it going as well as my Bot! Its mostly assembled but not yet running. I'm in South Central PA but I could load it all up and bring to you if willing to help within reasonable drive.

    The details of what I bought are as follows...

    Dragon Cut-300 w/digital current probe,raw arc voltage
    control,and the basic 2D plasma software bundle

    Precision Plasma 4 x 4 DIY gantry kit w/ Z upgrade

    Hp desk top unit ,custom computer.plasma powersource roller stand

    Hypertherm Powermax 600

    Hypertherm machine torch w/remote pendant

    This cutting table was custom built and the water table is larger that 4'x4' which allows for full space utilization.

    Also included is all of the manuals, cds and the computer system.

    John 717-sevn-too-9-4138

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    I do not have a plasma cutter BUT with my modeling I use a local shop for my steel work. The trick is to remember there is NO 'Z' function on the plasma table. All I supply my steel shop is a DXF file of the parts needing to be cut. If there is a lot of parts my steel shop prefers that I give him a thumb drive with each part as a separate DXF file so HE can do the nesting. Hope that helps a little. Russ
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