Hey all, over the past year I've been working on making some new CAM software. We're finally ready to do some testing.

Here's a video of it in action: https://youtu.be/VQrcFUj-ojg

This video is meant to give a lay person an idea of what this is, I fully realize that all of you understand what CAM/CAD and subtractive machines are!

We're looking for some testers right now and that's why I'm posting here. At the moment we support import of SketchUp models that are 2d/2.5. That means stuff with Inside/Outside/Pockets/Drill holes is all fair game. We're not supporting VCarving or anything 3D.

We support G Code and SBP Code. This is a very early test, so it's not ready for production work, but I'd love to get some of you uploading some designs and previewing SBP code to see if it works the way you'd expect.

If you're interested in testing you can go here: https://www.getfabber.com/alpha-test

That'll give you a bit deeper of a dive into how it works, and how to get registered for the alpha. It's totally free for you to test, all we ask is that you post some feedback so that we can evolve the software.