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Thread: Shop Floor Recommendation

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    Thanks Benchmark!
    Bookmarked to try on some old rockhounding tools and a cast Dutch Oven that got on upper shelves somehow and forgotten. 3.5 miles from Atlantic here, and sea breeze reaches me sometimes.
    Usually keep ahead of rust, but you forget a tool in garage for a few years..and you have some time consuming work ahead of you.
    Dad lived right next to 105 mile long lake, and 8 foot wall on 3 sides had earth banked up and poor drainage.

    G. sounds much safer...I just thought I had to mention.
    Thanks again!
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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    So, I finally moved in. First couple of weeks obviously to get the living space organized and the "stay at home" thing does not make it easier. But we bought the critical things before most shops closed and the building material can still be bought at HD and the likes.
    The shop is still a work in progress. I had originally planned a 16 ft "Pod" container plus a little space in the big moving van for tool and materials. Well, turned out I needed another 16 ft Pod for all the tools machines and junk. Oh well.

    For the floor I finally decided to cough up some money and have the concrete floor ground, polished and sealed. Way more expensive (~$5.50 per sqft) than vinyl or epoxy but now it is totally smooth, waterproof, impact proof, resistant to heavy machines and easy to clean. I left it at 120 grit to make it not slippery but it looks good.

    Next steps are making some racks for the sheet goods, shelves for the long material and the unpacking/organizing some 50 boxes with tools, hardware and materials. Yay. Moving is so full of joy and takes way longer than imagined. Having a 16 week old puppy around the feet is not going to make it easier.

    I did fire up the CNC machine, even found some bits and updated all my software. Now, if I only could find the collet wrenches I could start doing some fun work...

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