With multiple changes/upgrades in Vectric products for me recently, I'm now wanting to verify which is the best post processor to be using for optimal results.

I understand Aspire's default ShopBot TC(inch) covers it all, and does work. However, in researching the topic, discovered an old thread about this, where it was noted a ShopBot ARC processor will do better, generating a cleaner, less cluttered file, which will include true arcs and eliminate segments inherent in the straight ShopBot TC post processor.

Finally, I see in Aspire application data folder < 02 ShopBot> a processor called ShopBot_Alpha_Arc_Inch_Spindle_RPM. I do not recall seeing one so specifically labeled for an Alpha. This looks like precisely the one for my machine, but the date modified shows 10-07-2019 on all listed PP's, so unable to detect it's true age. Is this a newer, cleaner post processor, optimized for the Alpha machine, or is it exactly the opposite, and to be ignored?

Machine: 2012 PRS Alpha with spindle (No ATC)

Simply want to be certain I'm using the optimal version for my machine. Specifically, I am concerned about 3D carved, arched molding I'm test cutting now.