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Thread: Bit choice for a project

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    Default Bit choice for a project

    Hello all,
    I am new to the forums, new to Shop Bot, and new to CNC routing. I have successfully completed a project in Polycarbonate and now I am ready to move to another project.

    I have a concept of making a display board for round patches - the kind you might sew onto a jacket.

    I was thinking of a 24" x 36" overall size with multiple 3-3.5" diameter circles at a 0.25' depth - cut out in an array. I want to use a veneer surface plywood - so my thought was a compression bit but I am making pockets so would a downcut bit be better?


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    FEM downcut for clean surface edge and clean bottom. Do a final shallow bottom pass if you want a real nice bottom. If the bottom being clean isn't as big a deal, use a standard downcut.

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    "veneer surface plywood" I've had some issues with 'some' veneers, so do a test cut or two before doing a big job. If it's a critical edge recess I also cheat a little and make a pass with a pointed round over bit by lightly scribing the edge of the 'hole'. Seems to keep from getting tear out as the bit goes 'around' the hole while cutting the veneer. BTW welcome! Russ

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