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    Hi all,
    Been many years since I've been on the forum. Business slowly died off for the ShopBot for signmaking (business shifted elsewhere for graphics), but I wanted to get back into playing with the machine just for myself. I've upgraded the control board to V4G and have the VCarve Pro 10.0. I was playing with it today, getting all the variables set up and getting back into practice. I set up a very simple file for FCO's, V-carving and prism carving with a single letter. I noticed that, when doing the prism carving (1" V bit into 3/4" pvc) and cutting the exact same outline with a 1/4" end mill that it's not exact - the "cutout" is shifted about 1/16" to one side. I don't recall that happening with the older control software but it may have.. I just don't recall. Now, I can simply inline the image by 1/16 and be done with it, but I'm sure there's a solution I'm not aware of.
    Any thoughts?

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