Is there someone with a 4th axis who is interested in doing a run of 100-400 pieces? Iíve been doing the proof-of-concepts, but I donít have the time to do production runs.

The item would be carved from basswood, 4 inch diameter, about 8" in length.

Machine time would be about 40 minutes per piece (Iím still fine-tuning the toolpaths) and should be able to be cut entirely with a 1/2" ball nose. (Rough, waterline, finish).

Due to the geometry the item cannot be toolpathed with any of the Vectric products. Iíve been using DeskProto for machining the proof-of-concept. It is still 3-axis machining. This could probably also be done in more advanced CAM packages such as MasterCAM.

The customer is located in southern California.

Let me know and I put you in contact with the customer.

Randall Newcomb