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Thread: Aspire 8.5 wont open a 3d .dxf file

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    Default Aspire 8.5 wont open a 3d .dxf file

    I had a potential client send me a .dxf file they drew, and my Aspire wont open the file. Initially, it said Error: "No data was imported from the DXF / DWG file" so I had him reformat and send in Autocad 2013 format. But now when I open it, nothing opens. Its just a blank Aspire home page. Any suggestions?

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    You might want to post this over on the Vectric/Aspire forum:
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    It may be a bad file or encoded funny, but sometimes things import in a weird screen location. Try zooming out or use the Selection All Vectors option and then Center everything and see if anything shows up?
    And if you've got some other 3d software like Fusion, Sketchup, or Rhino, you might see if they show anything.

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    Make sure all the layers are turned on when in autocad. Also do a view all, maybe the import scale is way off and you just cant see it due to scale so small or large?

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