Need some help figuring this one out.

I wrote a custom post processor for vcarve for my laser. Everything fine but... yesterday I wanted to burn multiple copies of the same logo so I manually created a new sbp file with multiple FP command from different origin using the 2D offset mode of the FP command.

The problem is that I need to change my post processor in order to check if the file is running in 2D offset mode or not and I don't know how.

I tried check if system variables %(61) or %(62) are not zero but this does not work because the previous offset is still in there from the last time an offset mode was used even though the current execution is not in offset mode.

I need this to skip a pause in my laser sbp file if it's running in offset mode because the idea is to be able to make multiple copies without user intervention. On the other hand, when I run just a single file (not in offset mode), I want a user confirmation before starting the laser and tell him not to forget to wear the safety goggles.

Any help would be appreciated.