This is a simple box jointed "crate". I designed it just for fun. The emblem on the sides is our "Clan Badge" for the MakGill's. I thought it a fun little project to figure out the 6 sides of the box and to have the machine cut all the materials and I would set the pieces together when complete. It took a lot more planning than I imagined and it took a great deal in execution too! I used one 8' 1 x 12 for this prototype. The box is 17" long x 11.25" wide by approx 10" tall, with a slide lid. All completed on the ShopBot. I used an 1/8" bit for most of the peripheral cuts and corner relief ( so the box joints would atually be able to nest fully into one another). I used a 1/4" for the clearing for the finger pull areas. I used a 60 degree V Bit for the decoration on all 6 sides. And I used a 3/8"radius round nosed bit to create the swoop down from full thickness on the top, to the thinner flanges that would become the "slide". (And, of course an end mill to transition and flatten from there out to the edges of the lid so it would ride well in the slots I created.

All in all it was a lot of planning and then hours of work on the machine. Very enjoyable to see it come to fruition. I think I have a few refinements that I want to make before I commit to a "run" of these for my Brothers and Sister... It is not "significant" as far as projects go- but it makes me smile, and I hope it makes at least one of you think about some project that you might do on your machine (when you are not busy earning with it!) that might brighten someone else's day and reinforce your original decision to get one of these wonderful machinesSlide lid for crate.JPGPlywood jig to hold parts for milling.JPGEnd view before stain.JPGSide shot of crate prototype.JPG