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Thread: X1-Axis Motor Vibrating on Intricate/Small movements

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    Default X1-Axis Motor Vibrating on Intricate/Small movements

    I have a PRS Alpha 120x60 w/ ATC built in 2009, recently one of the X-Axis motors started vibrating pretty vigorously during small movements, I noticed it first during the C3 Homing routine. I ran a nested board of HDU signs after and the machine shutdown with a motor fault during cutting. I have tried reloading control box firmware, lubrication, tightening the gear, etc. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


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    Hi Kevin,

    I suspect that one of your X-axis motors is not working. A preliminary way to check is to power up the tool and after a few minutes touch each motor...they should both be warm and a very similar temperature.

    The best thing to do is to get in touch with ShopBot support when you're near the tool and they'll help work you through diagnosing the problem


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