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    I was asked to design/make a series of “Farmhouse” tables. My customers interpretation of “farmhouse” is long and narrow, thick top and chunky legs.

    I decided to try making the legs using the “moulding toolpath” feature of V-Carve Pro. This technique involves extruding a profile along a driverail…

    I made a prototype set of the legs for the customer to see, but mainly to see if I want to make them that way, they will require considerable machine time (turns out, about 6 hours for a set).
    I needed 5” X 5” X 30” blanks for the prototypes, The only thing I could find locally, fast, were 6” X 6” treated posts at the orange big box store… Blanks for the production run will be custom run at a mill…
    The treated lumber was VERY WET and machined very poorly because of this…

    However, they cleaned up nicely with a minimum of sanding.

    I’m pleased with the results, and I’m sure my customer will be also!
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