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Thread: New spindle, control question

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    Default New spindle, control question

    Greetings All! I have an older 4x8 PRT. I just pulled the 3.5hp porter cable router off and put on a 10hp spindle. It's a beast! The question is this. Does anyone know of documentation or guides illustrating how to wire up control for my spindle speed via VFD? I'm sure I can wire the shopbot controller to send commands to the vfd for on/off and speed control. I'm very technically fluent just need the schematics or any type of documentation. Thanks!

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    Might want to specify what control box you have, what VFD, and the version of SB3 you're running.

    I have one of the USB spindle rpm controllers for sale if needed, it uses RS485 communication through SB3.

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