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Thread: Need some help with Lenovo laptop.

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    Default Need some help with Lenovo laptop.

    I have a hand me down lenovo laptop that I would like to use as a backup. Its running windows 10. It will not connect to the controller. Anyone know why?

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    have you loaded drivers? Also I have a Win10 machine that I have to plug in to the bot and restart every time to get it to talk to the controller.

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    Default Shopbot link

    This link might be handy... covers a lot of areas.
    The decimal point seems to be the most important on the z axis... x & y not so much....
    ShopBot... Where even the scraps and things you mess up and throw away are cool....

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    I have a lenovo laptop that I used to use to control the shopbot without any kind of problem. Right now, I have a lenovo desktop hooked up to the shopbot and it's working perfectly.

    If I understand correctly, your computer is second hand... When you got it, was there a bunch of applications installed on it or was it clean (fresh windows install) ??

    Of course a clean install would give you less chances of problems.

    I understand that Windows 10 has a procedure that you can use to perform a clean re-install of the itself. It does remove all user files and all applications that doesn't come with Windows... I would suggest doing this procedure and restart fresh. Note that I did not run this procedure myself.

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    On my one laptop I just had to reload the firmware for the shopbot to see the drivers.

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