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Thread: What has happened to the Porter Cable 7518?

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    Default What has happened to the Porter Cable 7518?

    Its been a while since I've been here, but I'm searching for an answer to the question in the title. I am running an older PRT, and I use a Porter Cable 7518. For some reason these are sold out everywhere. I have emailed Porter Cable, but have not heard back from them. Does anybody know what is going on? Will it be discontinued? Or is this a case of them not being able to get parts out of China or something?


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    I see a few on eBay and craig’s list for “new” price!
    Might be time to look at a Chinese spindle…


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    I have a 7518 that is practically new and in a box on my self. I bought it to have as a spare but now have no need for it. I also have a used 7519 with unknown run time but still runs great. Make me a reasonable offer on either or both. You pay shipping.

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    From what I could find it sounds like a supply chain issue with China. Cost of $600 to $700 and 30 to 60 day delivery. All of the feedback is very poor quality. Chinese junk as far as quality goes. I have two that need rebuilding and one that is still cranking along. I bought a Portamate Bora replacement last year for under $250 and it is $350 online now. Have not plugged it in yet.

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