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Thread: Longer bit suggestions.

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    Default Longer bit suggestions.

    I am having trouble finding a bit that I like. I am cutting .5" wide 1.5" - 1.75" deep pockets in hardwood. Would like a simple 2 flute spiral with a LOC that can handle this without isking the shank rubbing the sides. I have some options in mind but really want to stick with a .25" cutter as 90% of my part requires it and having a bit change in a fule that takes 13 minutes and needs to be run 20 times doesnt sound fun to me.
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    I have been doing a lot of work in white oak lately. I have often used a Hartlauer 52-180h (2 flute, spiral, upcut) for work in wood, aluminum, plastics... I tend to ramp in a spiral manner with a shallow cut for aluminum and plastics. I use the upcut spiral so I get a nice chip expulsion, which makes for cleaner side cuts. Also: I snapped a bit or two before I slowed my forward speed and lessened my cut depth in the white beware ( totally my error, not the bit's fault). I treat it halfway between wood speed and metal speed on the forward progression and about 2X aluminum for depth. (Gauge it off what speeds you would use on whatever machine you are operating, with spindle HP considerations and driver controller consideration) And if you are pocketing, you are going to want smooth surfaces and a uniform bottom... so you would be going "slowly" anyway...

    So: My 52-180h bits CEL is about 1.25" They have a 281h that has a CEO of 1.75, and a 564 that is 2.25"... If you have enough head room, I would use a long bit. (Be mindful of flex and therefore deviation/deflection). Search Hartlauer Bits and you should find them. I have bought MANY MANY bits from them over the years and recommend them highly. David or Audrey ... (800) 644-2487 Best of luck on your project

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