New shopbotter here (or hope to be, soon).
I'm considering the purchase of a 4x8, with ATC and Vac hold. I'll be using it mainly for cutting acrylic, hdpe (starboard), and eventually EVA/PE Foam for boat flooring.

I just thought I'd post up and see if anyone else here cuts EVA with their shopbot? Hopefully I can get a few tips/tricks.

I'm currently using a Shapeoko XXL machine, roughly 31" x 31" cut area, and although I have made some awesome marine/boat parts with it, I am due for an upgrade in bed size. I currently design with Aspire, so I am hoping my transition from the 'hobby' machine to a Shopbot is a fairly seamless. I'm sure there will be a learning curve, but the little bit I have done with the Shapeoko should help with it.

Looking forward to it!