I am contemplating getting the indexer, I have a Desktop Max.
I understand that the Y axis would be disconnected and the signal routed to the indexer.
Is it an option to use the indexer in addition to the XYZ axis that I already have, meaning that I would have 4 useable axis?
Would this necessitate modifying the control box, and that is why it is not done, or is this even possible?

I am using VCarve Pro. Is this capable of getting the most out of the indexer or would I have to upgrade to Aspire?

One of the things I would like to do is make these bench legs.
Note that the cross pieces intersect the square sections off center. There is a corresponding slot on the face of 2 sides of the square section to accept the tongue on the cross pieces, which are not on center.
Also the 2 square sections are different sizes.
The upper square section has a radius on the outer part.
Would this leg be possible to fabricate as pictured using VCarve Pro and just the 3 axis: indexer, Y and Z axis?
Thank you all for reading this, and I appreciate any comments or feedback.